Dishongh Scavo Barte


Dishongh's life long journey in the fine arts, theatrical arts, and business began in her hometown of Venice, Florida.  From there she went to Birmingham Southern College in Birmingham, Alabama and earned her BFA in Theatre.  Her talents took her to the center of the theatrical world, New York City, where she worked as a Scenic Artist for Broadway, Film, and TV as a member of USA829.  During her 15 year residence in New York she co-owned The Studio School of Stage Design - a professional training school for designers and artists in the entertainment industry.

          In 1997 the attraction of another fine arts/business opportunity led Dishongh to partner with her mother, Patricia Scavo, to open the Blue Moon Gallery in Hot Springs, Arkansas which showcased original art by local and regional artists. For 17 years the Blue Moon was recognized as one of the premier galleries in the region and allowed Dishongh to further hone her skills in the world of fine art and business.

          After a decade of representing artist Randall M. Good at the Blue Moon Gallery the relationship evolved in two important ways.  First, as business partner in Good Studios, Dishongh combines her business and marketing expertise to increase the reach and scope of her business partner's vision and coordinates all interaction between the client, the public, and Randall M. Good.  Second, she is the Developmental Editor on Good's book project, The Shael Ovalis.  As such, she merges her knowledge of Good's creative intent with her organizational skills to support the production, completion and, ultimately, the dissemination of this complex work which unites his visual and literary sensibilities.