Randall M. Good Bio


            Randall M. Good received a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the University of North Texas in 1991.  His studies focused on studio painting and art history, in particular the Italian Renaissance and Mannerist period.  After graduation, a position as a restorer of easel paintings at Art Restoration Inc. in Dallas further developed his technical knowledge.  As a fine artist for more than two decades Good's primary focus is the expressive human form placed in subjects that range from Judeo-Christian iconography to Greek and Roman mythology, from literary sources to his own original cosmogony.

            In the 2007 show, In The Company Of Angels, Good began to explore a personal creation myth inspired by a host of sources from the classics of Homer and Ovid, through the myths and religions of the world, ultimately touching upon the troubled nature of beings blessed or burdened by self awareness.  This new subject matter is presented through the tradition of Florentine disegno merged with a highly personal interpretation of the human figure to become a vehicle for remarkably modern expression.

            The artist's works are in collections across the United States, from Hawaii to New York, as well as Italy and England.  Good has also mounted traveling shows that he enhances with lectures and talks that take the viewer inside the creative process with subjects like 'Mannerism's Place in Art - Past and Present' to 'The Most Difficult Question: The Artist's Interaction with the Viewer'.  Commissions and public pieces feature in his body of works and can be seen particularly in Churches, as well as in country clubs and hospitals.  One particular commission of the Fourteen Stations Of The Cross, which can now be seen at its permanent home in St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Hope, Arkansas (http://stmarkshope.org) , traveled the country prior to installation, making stops at St. Mary the Virgin in Times Square New York and, by special invitation, at Manhattan College on the occasion of Pope Benedict XVI's visit to New York and the United Nations.

Current events include joining Justus Fine Art Gallery in Hot Springs, Arkansas, the announcement of which will include a feature exhibition in November of 2016. On the international front, a compilation of mythological and angel series drawings, many done on the artist's most recent trip to Italy, continue to be shown at Healey Art & Home Gallery in Ledbury, England. At home he is the co-founder of the Artists Enclave of Denton County, a multi-disciplinary artists advocacy group. Good spearheaded the group's most recent event - The Enclave Eclectic - a Pop Up Exhibition that featured 120 works by 40 artists from the North Texas Area. In the studio the artist is busy with commissions from across the country including California, Tennessee and Arkansas, and of course continues work on his book, The Shael Ovalis: The Era of Angels as well as the ever growing artwork related to that project.

            A Texas native, Good has lived in California and Ireland.  He now resides in Denton, Texas, with his wife Anadara Braun-Good, an interior designer.


Notable solo shows include:

2016 - Cantos from the New Pantheon

2014 - Deities, Demigods, & Disegno

2013 - Featured Artist for Arkansas Philological Society                  

2012 - Pursuing Disegno                                                                  

2012 - In the Artist's Studio                                                              

2008 - 2011 -The Way of the Cross: The Passion Of Christ In Art (Traveling Exhibition)                                                  

2010 - Drawn to a New Cosmogony: Sketches and Readings From the Shael Ovalis

2009 - In the Company of Angels II

2007 - In the Company of Angels I                                                 

2005 - Feathers and Fate: Mortals in Mythology                            

2004 - Randall M. Good at Subiaco                                               

2003 - Passion and Rebirth: Oils, Watercolors, and Drawings 

2002 - Disegno: New Works in the Mannerist Tradition       

2001 - New Works by Randall M. Good          

1999 - The Works of Randall M. Good, Inaugural Show             



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